2nd annual 2013 COSTUME CONTEST RULES 

Sponsored by PPI Premiere Products, Inc.

Contest takes place Saturday, October 12th 2013


The costume contest requires Saturday entry in to the Son of Monsterpalooza event.

Tickets in advance are $20 each via link below.

It is recommended that you get tickets in advance to allow sufficient time to enter the building. Admission/entry on Saturday October 12th will be $25 at the door. All costumes must be hand made and rated PG-13.

All contestants will line up in the outdoor courtyard at 2:00 P.M in preparation for the costume contest. You must have your Son of Monsterpalooza wristband attached to you or your costume or you can not participate. This will be a one hour preliminary judging based on design and execution.
Based on these merits contestants will receive a card number which allows them the opportunity to advance to the next level of the competition. On the back of the card the contestant will write his or her name and the name of their costume. Contestants will then be lined up in numerical order inside the theatre. Theatre judging will take place at approximately 4:00 P.M. Upon entering on the stage the card will be handed to our emcee for announcing.
The contest is based on a simple walk to the center of the stage, turn and face the audience,turn and face the judges table and exit stage left. Anything beyond the above description will result in disqualification

The judges will be motion picture and television industry professionals. Six finalists will be brought back to the stage for the final judging.

Once the winners are announced they will step forward for photos and awards.
1st Prize = $1,000
2nd Prize = $600
3rd Prize = $300

The Son of Monsterpalooza Costume Contest will be held during normal convention hours and it is essential that we present a welcoming environment to all spectators…again, think PG-13 viewing. We do not allow any metal weaponry, functional firearms, pyrotechnics or smoke effects.

The Monsterpalooza/Son of Monsterpalooza and Marriott Staff reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who does not observe these rules at any time. All decisions made by the judges are final and prizes are awarded at the conclusion of the contest. We are unable to provide a secure area for personal belongings. Contestants are therefore responsible for their personal effects. 

For further information contact with subject line COSTUME CONTEST.