ACRYLSTAINS INSTRUCTIONS:                                           (Download Version)


    1. Use in a well-ventilated area and wear proper safety gear.  Rubber gloves, and safety glasses. A 3M organic vapor respirator is a good thing as well if ventilation is an issue.                                                   
    2. Never use AcrylStains directly in the mouth,  AcrylStains are made for dentures and theatrical teeth.  To stain actual teeth in someone’s mouth use Fleet Street Pegworks Tooth Stains which are formulated to match AcrylStains.                                                                            
    3. AcrylStains are designed to be used in layers and/or thin washes.  If lifting of color occurs between coats,  allow more time between coats to dry.

    4. If AcrylStains start to thicken, you can thin them down with the included thinner.

    5. AcrylStains come in a variety of colors but you can mix them to create any additional color you may need.

    6. Work from light colors to dark, as it is easier to add color rather than to take it away.

    7. The Multi-Glaze sealer can be used when you are finished painting. You can add 1 to 3 coats depending on the lever of “gloss” you want to create, The more layers the higher the shine.

    8. Once you are finished painting,  be sure to allow enough time for the teeth  to completely dry (1/2-1 hour should be adequate).  A good rule of thumb is once the smell has dissipated, the teeth are dry.   Wash the appliance  thoroughly before  putting them into your mouth.  

    9.  Be sure to securely close the AcrylStains bottles when you are finished using them. This will help prevent the product from drying up. 


Q.  Why use AcrylStains?
AcrylStains is an innovative new color system for permanent dental and ocular appliance staining.  Available in two different color kits, Character and Film Standard.  Each kit also contains a thinner and a brush cleaner.   The wide range of colors make blending easier and more natural, and its durability lasts longer than any similar product, making AcrylStains the top painting system on the market today.

Q.  Can I paint AcrylStains directly in the mouth?
A.  No, AcrylStains are solvent based, and not for cosmetic use.   AcrylStains are not safe to use directly in the mouth.  However, once your painted dentures are completely dry, then they are safe for the mouth.

Q.   What product can be used directly in the mouth? 
A.   PPI makes a series of cosmetic tooth stains called  
Fleet Street Pegworks Tooth Stains .  It is created to be used directly on real teeth.  The colors also match the range of AcrylStains.